Professional Soil Management Kit


The choice of the professional agronomist or soil scientist, the SK 400 is based around the new Soil Test 10 photometer. Offering excellent accuracy in a field instrument the SK 400 kit will reduce the need for costly off-site analysis for the critical parameters:



Lime Requirement


Nitrate, Nitrogen (N)


Phosphate, Phosphorus (P)

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Professional Soil Management Kit

includes 50 pH, lime requirement, nitrate nitrogen, phosphate, potassium, conductivity, calcium and magnesium tests, using a Soil Test 10 photometer and pocket testers for pH and conductivity/TDS

SK 400

Soil Accesory Pack


SK 600


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Magnesium /Calcium Soil Pack



SKR 005

Nitrate Soil Pack



SKR 001

Phosphate Soil Pack 1



SKR 002

Phosphate Soil Pack 2



SKR 003

Potassium Soil Pack



SKR 004

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